CYTSA – Calderería y transformados

Sheet metal processing

Our facilities are equipped with the most advanced technology to process SHEET. We use precise machinery to produce high quality product in a time effective manner. We are able to handle sizable formats and store great volumes owing to our spacious facilities. We employ highly experienced professionals able to optimize final products according to client’s demands.

Means of production and specs

Punching machine CAD-CAM: up to 5mm thickness in mid steel and aluminum, 3mm in stainless steel.
Laser cutting: up to 30mm thick in mid steel, 25mm in stainless steel and12 mm in aluminum with tube cutting capability.
CNC bending: customizable for any series of angles., up to 4m long.
High thickness bending machine: up to 4m long
Guillotining: sheet cutting up to 3mm thick and 4m long
Beading: high flange in metal sheet