CYTSA – Calderería y transformados

Production centres

Cytsa is made up of three production centres, strategically located in a privileged area of the metal sector in the north of the country. Our advantageous position relies on a reliable logistics network. Our premises are fully capable of facing any challenge, with hardly any limitations in terms of size, capacity or means of production.


m2 / San Adrián


m2 / Cárcar 1


m2 / Cárcar 1


CYTSA is a company dedicated to welding and metal processing, strategically located in the north of the country, fully qualified to satisfy every client’s needs by offering prompt, efficient on-demand solutions.

Our philosophy is based on the commitment to understand the necessities and processes of those who trust us and our innovative capacity to deliver a high quality product.

Added value

Thanks to a substantial investment in technology and qualifications of our team. Cytsa offers virtually unlimited possibilities of the processes, transformation, and adding value to your projects.

Our attitude of continuous improvement by exchanging the knowledge and feedback  between us and the client creates a relationship of self-growth, work values and cooperation. As a result of this approach, our company is becoming a benchmark for a number of sectors.

Headquarters / San Adrián Production Centre / Navarra

Main office, Technical Office, Planification and main production centre.

Logistics centre of semi-finished and untreated parts. Metal sheet sections, cutting and bending, profile processing, curving, beading, manual welding (TIG – MIG/MAG)

Cárcar Production Centre / Navarra

12,000mᒾ Logistic Centre, machining, welding MAG manual and robotized, trimming and detailing for galvanized parts, fluid painting and assembly.

Carcar Paint and Assembly Centre / Navarra

5,500mᒾ for powder painting and mechanical assemblies

Latest technology in machinery

We use cutting-edge machinery in order to provide the best service: Laser 2D, Laser 2D with the head for tube cutting, Trumpf punching machine, bending…


Our history


Date of the foundation of Ctysa. Our company is created and named CALDERERÍA Y TRANSFORMADOS, S.A.


Construction of the main plant and premises in San Adrian. Introduction of laser cutting process.


Extension of Carcar Cytsa premises: new powder painting building.

MARCH 2012

Additional extension to Carcar plant. Introduction of welding, machining, fluid painting and assembly facilities.


Extension of Logistics centre in Carcar plant.

MAY 2020

Cytsa Group is created in partnership with Kesma and NHT


Our technical team

Our team is highly qualified to embark on great projects

Patxi Esparza

Patxi Esparza

Director Gerente

Beatriz Dominguez

Beatriz Domínguez

Responsable RRHH

Eider Amatriain

Eider Amatriain

Responsable de Compras

Hugo Navarro

Hugo Navarro

Responsable de Calidad

Oiane Serra

Oiane Serra

Responsable financiero

Ricardo Roda

Ricardo Roda

Responsable Técnico – comercial

Roberto Alvarez

Roberto Álvarez

Responsable de Logística

Eduardo Remirez

Eduardo Remírez

Responsable de Producción